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FREE Money

The following is a web site that will not cost you any money to investigate.

Here’s my story -

You’ve probably heard of Lost Funds or Unclaimed Funds. This occurs when a person leaves a small (potentially) large sum of money that becomes “dormant” or unused. Example - Aunt Tillie has a saving account that she has not withdrawn money from or has not deposited money into for a period of time. This time limit can be as little as six months.

The account becomes dormant and, after another period of time, the funds are transferred to the State in which the bank was located. There they wait for someone to claim them.

To claim the funds, you need to go to the appropriate unclaimed funds department for the respective State. You simply type in your name or a variation of your name and you MIGHT find some money waiting for you.

I’ve reclaimed THOUSANDS of dollars on behalf of my relatives. I find the money and they claim it. Most of all, it is really simple to do so.

Just click on the link to begin your search.

Hints -

  • put in only your last name or the name of a relative... then, poke through the names.... you might have been looking for Aunt Tillie, but you might find Uncle George in your search.
  • check multiple states... anywhere where you have lived in the past.
  • check multiple states where you HAVEN’T lived before. Proctor & Gamble is the source of lots of unclaimed money. Maybe you haven’t even lived in Ohio, but because Proctor & Gamble’s Corporate Headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio, then all unclaimed money goes into the Ohio Treasury.
  • check at least one time per year... you never know WHEN the money is being transferred into the State Treasury.

Not only is this a great place to find money for yourself and your relatives, it’s a fun exercise to look for money for your friends. It takes a little time to do this, but the rewards are wonderful!

Click here to begin your search! And much success!!!



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