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Government Help

I am always astounded when deserving couples or singles do not take advantage of some of the fantastic services for which they are eligible.

Most of the time, they just don’t know about what help they can get until their backs are against the wall. This web page is designed to provide some information regarding local services that are available.

  • Emergency Heating or E-HEAP - When the gas has been turned off or is about to be turned off or you only have 10 days worth of propane remaining.
  • Home Energy Assistance Program - when you just need help with the bills - definitely do this one if you fit the guidelines, below. If you can’t figure it out, call me and I’ll help.
  • PIPP - For Ohio Residents - this program allows you to pay a percentage of the gas and electric bill instead of the whole bill. I wonder how they get people to keep the windows and doors closed in the winter?
  • Weatherization Program - these guys will caulk your windows or install a furnace! Did I mention that it is FREE?
  • Food Stamps - coming
  • Aid to Dependent Children - coming

Home Energy Assistance Program - In Ohio, the program is called HEAP in Indiana, it’s called LIHEAP (for low income home energy assistance program). Since it is a Federal program, the guidelines will be the same. You are eligible if you make less than the following.

2009-2010 HEAP, E-HEAP, and OEC Income Guidelines

Size of Household

Total household income for 12 months

















For households with more than eight members, add $7,480 per person to the total household income for 12 months.

Here’s the application for the HEAP program in English.
Here’s the application for the HEAP program in Spanish.

In Ohio, you will have to submit your application to -

Community Action Comm./SCOPE
1469 Sweitzer Street
Greenville 45331

In Indiana, you will have to submit your application to -

Community & Family Services, Inc. (CFS)
521 S. Wayne St., P. O. Box 1087
Portland, IN 47371-1087
FAX: 260-726-9174
Serves Adams, Blackford, Huntington, Jay, Randolph and Wells Counties

If you have any trouble with this agency... let me know and I’ll see if I can’t get you the help you need.

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